Jobs & Careers

Restaurant & Butchers


What we offer our employees:

  • Consistent working hours
  • Infrastructure solutions, such as the provision of e-bikes, working hours adapted to bus times
  • Fixed days off and flexible working hours according to your personal wishes and needs, for an optimal work-life balance.
  • Annual positions with a fixed salary payment date & seasonal bonuses.
  • Free choice of meal from the menu during your shift
  • Make yourself comfortable during your break in our break lounge
  • We will provide you with your work clothes, as well as accommodation (if needed). There are also washing facilities for your private laundry.
  • Workshops, field trips, and long-term team plans allow us to grow together.

Current jobs at Fruhmann Restaurant:

  • Waiter with collection (work experience required)
  • Service assistant (no previous experience necessary)
  • Dishwashing & Cleaning Specialist (no prior experience necessary).
  • Kitchen assistant (no previous experience necessary)
  • Cook (work experience required)

Current jobs at Fruhmann Butchers:

  • Salesperson (No previous experience necessary)
  • Fresh Meat & Sausage Specialist Salesperson (work experience required).

Now it's up to you! Apply and become part of our team!

We look forward to receiving your speculative application.

Apply directly to Mr. Rudolf Fruhmann via or 0664/2045227

Start your apprenticeship with us!

We offer the following apprenticeships:

Apprenticeship as a restaurant specialist
Apprenticeship as a cook
Apprenticeship as retail food salesperson
Apprenticeship as a meat processor

What we offer apprentices:

  • Apprenticeship with Matura
  • B Drivers License, between 2nd and 3rd year of apprenticeship.
  • 1 year company loyalty, up to 1500 Euros as a bonus!
  • The possibility to move into an apprentice shared apartment
  • Team building exercises & Excursions

If you are interested, you can always arrange a "Taster day" with us & take a closer look at your activities. Just send us a short e-mail with the subject "Taster day" to