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Since 1928 - from brewery cellar to an institution for Carinthian comfort. Our delicacies are now known beyond the borders and many regular customers have already become friends. Come in, sit down and feel at home.

Who we are

Together it's even more fun.

Currently, seven family members work in our traditional butchery and restaurant business. Whether in meat production, sales, service, kitchen or marketing, we work and live together. Even our Fruhmann grandma is still passionate about her work and looks forward to meeting her many regular customers every day.

But where would we be without our team?

Around 60 hardworking hands are at work every day at Fruhmann, behind the counter, in the kitchen, in the cold storage or at the cash desk. Our employees are both experienced professionals and enthusiastic apprentices and at the same time our greatest asset in the company.

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Our Traditions

Carinthian cosiness since 1928

The history of the Fruhmann restaurant begins in 1494 - at that time the restaurant was built as a brewing cellar for Wernberg castle. However, some time was to pass before the restaurant came into the possession of the Fruhmann family.

In 1928 the butcher's shop was bought by our founding father Johann Fruhmann senior. Some time later, he also acquired the restaurant across the street. From there on the common history began and the two companies became an institution in Wernberg.

In 1974, Johann Fruhmann (the son) and his wife Barbara took over the business. This generation in particular laid the foundation for the specialization in traditional Carinthian meat specialties. Many homemade sausage and meat specialties were already being delivered at that time throughout Carinthia and into Styria.

More and more family members joined. In 1988, daughter Barbara Fruhmann took over the fortunes of the restaurant. She led the expansion of the restaurant and is partly responsible for the cozy guest room design in the old part of the restaurant. The many small parlors, which to this day make up a large part of the ambiance, came from her ideas.

In 1994, the current owners Rudolf (youngest son) and Marlies Fruhmann took over the business. In 2000, Fruhmann Restaurant & Butchers opened the first Carinthian specialties store as well as a visitable smokehouse. This was followed by the large expansion in the restaurant. This includes the entrance area, counter area and kitchen.

The Fruhmann Schmankerl Heimat (local delicacies) opened in 2016. Our butcher's shop was developed with great love for regionality. Now, in addition to the many in-house products, many other products from Carinthian farmers have found their place here. Everything you need for your appetite can be found in the Fruhmann Schmankerl Heimat.

Expanded over generations, behind almost every corner hides a part of our history. As a family, we focus on being more together. It is important to us to pass on old values and family recipes to the next generation. As it was then and is now, it is just as important to us to greet our customers with a friendly smile every day. Welcome to the Fruhmann family

Our Coat of Arms

A coat of arms embodies our history.

On the occasion of his 80th birthday, Johann Fruhmann senior donated a family coat of arms. The axe and bull stand for the butcher's dynasty, the beer mug for the restaurant and the fire wheel symbolizes the family's passionate attachment to the fire department. The colors of green and gold represent attachment to the countryside as well as ambition. The oak branches were taken from the coat of arms of the Carinthian municipality of Wernberg and make the connection to the region even clearer.